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Executive Individual Coaching

Executive Coaching brings a qualified business coach together with an individual (executive, manager, or individual contributor) to address and solve specific organizational and leadership challenges.  Typically, once the contractual agreements are arranged, the coach collaborates with the participant to assess his or her motivations, challenges, and organizational context.  

To lay the groundwork for a successful coaching engagement, Positive Images & Associates customizes feedback surveys, stakeholder interviews and utilize state-of-the-art assessments.  Often, valuable data exists in an organization’s survey results (employee, customer, patient, etc.) and the participant’s performance objectives.  Our coaching is based on the goals of the participant in the context of his or her leadership challenges and the organization’s expectations.


How do I know if Executive Coaching is right for me personally or my organization?


It is time to retain an Executive Coach during change, to capitalize on opportunities or when roadblocks limit effectiveness, such as:

  • Change in job scope, such as promotions

  • To move from tactical to a more strategic focus

  • To build and apply influence skill

  • To delegate more effectively

  • Political barriers

  • Increase or decrease in staff

  • Interpersonal conflicts

  • Disagreement with boss

  • Special performance barriers

  • After a 360 assessment

  • Growth of division or company

  • Change in strategy

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