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Tools For Intentional Excellence

For The 21st Century Global Leader - A Course Curriculum Overview

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Dr. Rubin Cockrell Interview

Presented by Dr. Rubin Cockrell,
Founder & CEO at Positive Images & Associates.

Dr. Rubin Cockrell is an Award-Winning International Speaker, Author, Global Change Agent, and Retired Professor. Positive Images & Associates is a global consulting firm that has specialized in educational leadership, empowerment, and management consulting for clients in over forty-five countries around the world.

These trainings and/or courses have been broken down and have the flexibility to be customized for the following audiences:


Middle School, High School & Collegiate Students

Corrections Department & Inmates

Non-Profit Organizations

HR Departments

Diversity & Inclusion Department

Businesses & C-Suite Leaders

Military Soldiers & Veterans

Construction & Trade Industry

Government & Elected Officials

Athletes & Entertainers

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Courses Breakdown


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